Sunday, March 17, 2013

Scintilla Day 3.5

This poem has a marginal connection to the “singing in the car while driving.” Prompt.  Meh. Not my best, but this time change has my brain addled.
Anyway, here goes.

Strange Days Have Found Us

We are five teenagers scouring
Vancouver streets
in the pink wet light of 2am.
Riders on the storm!
We sing-shout through open windows.
Into this life we’re born!
The bum on the street opens a stinkeye,
flips us a shaky bird,
a streetlight burns.
Into this world we’re thrown
On a runway pointing nowhere,
no flight plan.
The night on fire
Like a dog without a bone.
We are actors, all alone.

Laura Moe

Happy Writing.


  1. Pretty cool! Love how you worked the song in.

    1. Thank you Brandee. I know it still needs work.