Monday, March 26, 2012

Time Keeps on Shrieking into the Future

The Scintilla 8 prompt has to do with writing about how you feel about a specific time in your life. This time I chose to write a poem. Maybe my mind is already set for April and National Poetry Month.

Stowing Away the Time

Thirty years ago it was yesterday.
The sun wrinkles time.
Knowledge etches lines on the skin.
Knowing grows grey hair.
Words are thinned by lips.
Aches are heavy with chins.
A body is scattered in broken bones.
The heart is stronger in years,
yet funerals shed more tears
The soundtrack to my life
is now sold at a discount

Laura Moe

The weather has turned and you need to go outside. Using Basho’s quote:”Unless things are seen with fresh eye, nothing is worth writing down”, find a place or object (flower, weeds, the sun), sit, and observe. Take field notes as if you are in a biology class. Use all the senses. What di you see? Smell? Hear? Taste? Feel? Take your notes and connect your subject with a larger theme to create a, Sun and eternity, or a blade of grass and the passage of time.)

Happy Writing.

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