Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Two for One Deal

This poems fulfills two Scintilla prompts. (, to write a list, and 10, to write about heartbreak. I love a 2 for 1 deal.)

Twenty- three Word Romance

1. Pyrotechnics (n.) a brilliant fireworks display, like when we saw each other at that Fourth of July party.
2. Emanate (v.) to send forth, like the vibes emanating between us
3. Convivial (adj.) merry festive. The atmosphere at the fete was convivial. Lots of wine and beer flowed.
4. Vernacular (n.) everyday language spoken. Our dialogue was convivial and rife with vernacular.
5. Swoon (v.) to enter a state of ecstasy, I swooned when you leaned to kiss me.
6. Spangle (v.) to sprinkle or stud with bright, glimmering pieces, like how I felt inside the first time you kissed me.
7. Tangible (adj.) to be able to be touched or held, real, not an apparition or a figment. The heat between us was tangible.
8. Opiate (n.) something that induced relaxation and torpor. Your skin on mine was an opiate.
9. Whimsical (adj.) childlike, fun, like the time we stole a grocery cart from Kroger and you wheeled me home
10. Laugh (v.) something you made me do every day.
11. Ineffable (adj.) an unexplainable feeling spangling inside me at the thought of you, the sound of your voice, the scent of you on the sheets.
12. Love (n.) the feeling which animates a person who is deeply fond of someone. Syn. Affection, attachment, devotion, adoration, allegiance, loyalty, emotion, crush.
13. Sempiternal (adj.) enduring , everlasting, like that sense of infinity, where the snow globe figures hold another snow globe and , or the picture is a picture of a person holding the same picture, on and on. How I imagined we were.
14. Precarious (adj). dangerously lacking in security and stability. You were reckless and spontaneous, and there was always plenty of beer. Exciting, yet unsettling.
15. Unsettling. (adj.) something felt wrong. Call it a sixth sense. On the surface things looked fine (ignore the copious amounts of beers), but something felt off.
16. Discordant (adj.) unpleasant; harsh – a feeling that gnawed at me.
17. Crush (v.) crushing, crushes, crushed. How I felt when I saw you kissing her on our bed. It was such a cliché. I came home early from work.
18. Inconsolable. (adj.) how I felt when you cheated on me with a friend of mine, no less. It had been going on for awhile.
19. implacable (adj. not be pacified or appeased, like your tendency to be unfaithful
20. Ambivalent (adj.) Having mixed feelings about something and not being able to choose.
21 splinter (v.; n.) bitter, committer, critter, embitter, emitter, fitter, flitter, fritter, glitter, gritter, hitter, jitter, knitter, litter, permitter, quitter, remitter, sitter, skitter, slitter, spitter, splitter....
22. Denouement (n.) the final resolution of a dramatic plot.
23. Entropy (n.) • A measure of the disorder or randomness in a closed system.• A measure of loss.• The tendency for all matter and energy in the universe to evolve toward a state of inert uniformity.• Inevitable and steady deterioration.

exercise- find a random word in the dictionary and use it as a springboard for a poem.

Happy Writing.

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