Friday, January 11, 2019

Snowflakes In a Blizzard

Unless you're named James Patterson, Stephen King, or Janet Evanovich, chances are nobody has heard of you or your books. Publishers place the majority of their eggs in high profile baskets. It's not personal; it's business. Big names means big book sales. Meanwhile, the rest of us struggle for an audience.

Bloggers such as Darrell Laurant understand the need to inform readers of great books that deserve more attention. "Each week we feature three books -- novels, non-fiction, poetry, short-story collections -- in individual posts that go out to over 3,000 blog followers, many of whom then share those posts on their own social media. Some of the authors we embrace are obviously in need of more exposure. In other cases, the inclusion of a book is simply an effort to get unique writing out to our blog followers.

"I'm doing this because I enjoy doing it, and because my own experience as a published author ("Inspiration Street," "The Kudzu Kid") has opened my eyes to the challenges facing today's writers. Beyond that, I am trying to expose potential readers to original work they might not learn about otherwise."

This week my novel, BREAKFAST WITH NERUDA, is featured on his site. I hope you enjoy reading his blog and find a few buried treasures there.

Learn more about Darrell, his books, and his page here.

Happy Reading and Writing.

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