Thursday, October 8, 2020

It's Not All Bad

Here's a blog post I forgot to post back on April. [It's now October. Things have not changed much except 211,000 have died from COVID. Politics has divided the country. Those of us with liberal leanings are in constant anxiety. Grocery prices are up, unemployment is rising, and businesses are closing daily, and my social life is almost entirely via ZOOM. But it' all good, right?]

If every country and city in the world weren't living this surreal existence, nobody would believe it.
Sequestered in our homes.

Many people are reading books again.

Because I'm home all day, like many people out there, I watch more daytime TV talk shows.

Kelly and Ryan, like the rest, now broadcast from their homes, and they're much less obnoxious.

THE VIEW As a group onstage The ladies of THE TALK. are still fun to watch
and talk over each other. But from home, the show is easier to watch. Whoopie and Sunny are still pleasant. Surprisingly, Meghan McCain is far less toxic , but Joy Behar, who I usually enjoy, is annoying.

Oddly, Ellen isn't as funny without an audience. She falls flat talking to just one guest at a time.

Live concerts from living rooms shows us who has talent. Without the flashy special effects, costumes, and electronic enhancement. It feels as if  Keith Urban is sitting in my living room playing a song just for me

Zoom once you get past the learning curve of navigating the platform, zoom meetings make life feel connected less lonely.
Facebook is marginal
Instragram has always been friendlier
Twitter is still a bitchfest

I haven't yet resorted to watching soap operas.

Happy Writing.

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